❁About the Brand❁


Established in the early Fall of 2019, FLORAL SEAis an independent streetwear label, handmade-to-order in a home studio based in Austin, TX by founder, designer, and sole seamstress, A.Tenille West.

Originating as an art series, ❁FLORAL SEAshowcases ethically-produced and socially-minded fashion collections that merges fashion with the visual arts, exhibiting how impactful the two forms of artistry become when they are used, simultaneously, as both the subject and medium to construct a body of work. Fashion changes art and Art changes fashion.

FLORAL SEA❁ is committed to producing price-, size-, and gender- inclusive collections for all forms of underrepresented beauty in the fashion scene- proving that responsibly-made fashion is not a privilege but an opportunity for all people to feel empowered and celebrated for their individuality.

The brand aims to build opportunities to educate people on the importance of fostering a community of inclusivity, especially in the fashion scene where the representation of all people is not as prevalent. FLORAL SEA❁'s mission is centralized on utilizing art and fashion as agents to drive social change for all forms of underrepresented and underserved forms of beauty.

FLORAL SEA provides a full range of hand-made apparel products and fashion accessories. All products are designed in-house. To combat the fast-fashion culture, all collections are sold in exclusive quantities and/or are made-to-order with custom sizing.

The FLORAL SEAcollection is distinguished through the brand’s signature fabric collection which is an expressive take on a classic fashion staple, floral print.

The FLORAL SEAcollection is worn by influential, self-made men and women who strive to be boldly unconventional with their daily wardrobe and expand their closets with high-end, gender-fluid streetwear designs inspired by multicultural beauty, art, and, of course, a floral obsession.

.FLORAL SEA❁ is all things FASHION all things ART all things FLORAL

❁Contact Us❁


To see more of ❁FLORAL SEA❁, follow our shop account on Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, and Facebook @shop_floralsea.co

For general inquiries about ❁FLORAL SEA❁, email us at hello@floralsea.co

❁About the Designer❁

A.Tenille West is a multidisciplinary artist and fashion designer based in Austin, TX.

Originating as an art series, FLORAL SEA was launched in response to the lack of diversity of all forms of underrepresented beauty and culture in the fashion scene.

This frustration collided with her desire to explore the dynamic relationship between the visual arts and fashion and her unapologetic obsession with floral print.

As an artist + designer, West aspires to redefine the fashion+beauty narrative through fostering an environment of inclusivity and celebration for all forms of beauty with FLORAL SEA. 

- CEO + Founder, A.Tenille West -