❁About the Brand❁


FLORAL SEA (or The House of FLORAL SEA ) is a contemporary fashion house, conceptual lifestyle brand, and design studio founded in September 2019 by multidisciplinary artist, designer, and entrepreneur, Flora Tenille West. The brand showcases sustainably- and ethically-made entry-luxury collections that prioritize fashion-forward aesthetics, cultural inclusivity, and individualistic style at the forefront of design and brand experience - exhibiting how both style and sustainability can coexist within high-end contemporary fashion. The independent designer label is known for its reinvention of the flower symbol and 'floral-inspired' design aesthetic.


❁About the Designer❁

Floral Tenille West is a multidisciplinary artist, designer, and fashion entrepreneur based in Austin, TX.

West desired to wear sustainably- and ethically-made contemporary fashion that expressed her cultural and aesthetic interests. However, she realized that sustainable fashion was dominated by a singular POV that excluded fashion-forward style options and consumers like her: Black, Latinx, and multicultural.

Completely fed up with the industry, West found an opportunity to build a sustainable designer label through her art series: FLORAL SEA. With only $500 and her bedroom studio, West began independently building a contemporary fashion house and design studio as a freshmen in her second semester at The University of Texas at Austin.

As a designer and entrepreneur, West is committed to utilizing art and fashion as social agents to uplift, empower, and drive change for underrepresented beauty, style, and culture in today's fashion scene.


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