❁About the Designer❁

❁hello, my name is tenille❁

I'm a multidisciplinary artist and fashion+textile designer based in Austin, TX.

My fashion style is unapologetically colorful with mixed elements of art-inspired streetwear and floral romanticism.

I love to collect [hoard] fabric swatches, sketchbooks, art supplies and anything with flowers on it.

I wear too many bracelets and I have an unhealthy obsession with floral print (like...who doesn't, right?).

To keep up with my current studio projects, follow me @floral_planet.jpg on instagram.


Why I started ❁FLORAL SEA❁...

FLORAL SEA❁ began as an art series where I explored the complex cultural narratives ingrained in both my African and Latinx heritage while using art and fashion as both the subject and medium. I drew abstract floral forms to highlight the perplexing beauty in my experience as a Afro-Latina.

As I studied the dynamic relationship between art and fashion, I dealt with a longterm frustration with the culture of the fashion industry.

That frustration was centered on the lack of diversity of all forms of black beauty and culture in the fashion scene. The representation of all forms of black beauty and culture has always been an afterthought for many fashion brands as they have operated within the parameters of what the world values to be exceptional and worth celebrated. As a full-figured Afro Latina, I recognize that I, along with BIPOC + multicultural communities, continue to be unrepresented and underserved customers in fashion.

I found an opportunity to create a sustainable fashion label for underrepresented beauty through my art series, FLORAL SEA

With FLORAL SEA, I'm restyling the fashion+beauty narrative to create a whole new set of rules that inspires authenticity and celebrates all people for who they are.

As an artist + designer, I aspire to redefine the culture of fashion through fostering an environment of inclusivity and celebration for all forms of beauty with my work.