FLORAL SEA is an independent streetwear label that is redefining the fashion + beauty narrative through showcasing sustainable and ethical collections in a designer context, empowering ALL forms of beauty through art, fashion, and (of course) a floral obsession. 

At F|S, we're restyling the image of sustainable and ethical clothing and ‘fashionably reinventing’ a whole new culture that unapologetically celebrates the diverse beauty within BIPOC communities, artistic expression, and colorful design. 

The brand goes beyond establishing a fashion statement in proving that sustainable streetwear is more than a style choice. Sustainable fashion is an opportunity designed for ALL people to feel empowered and celebrated for their individuality.



No matter how many times we want to deny this, but sustainability has a look:

  • Neutral, muted earthy color palette
  • Oversized, voluminous silhouettes
  • Basic Designs

We think you know what we’re talking about. Oh, did we mention that the sustainability look is basic? Oh, we did...

Here's why sustainable fashion tends to look the same:

  • Fabrics are naturally dyed which equates to the neutral color palette.
  • Natural fabrics don’t have the ability to stretch like synthetic fabrics; therefore, you can’t achieve body fitted designs. So, that’s why you see a lot of oversized, voluminous silhouettes.
  • Styles that are designed to be “classic, timeless” and worn “season after season” are considered to be more sustainable than styles that are meant to be worn for certain occasions. Therefore, you’re gonna be lookin’ basic for the time being (but this is just our opinion, remember?)

If you’re new to sustainability, you’re going to assume the following statement: “SUSTAINABILITY TAKES THE FUN OUT OF FASHION.”

At F|S, we believe that no one should ever have to sacrifice their personal style in building their sustainable + ethical wardrobe. You can achieve any aesthetic with fashion that was sustainably and ethically made/sourced. As a slow fashion brand, we believe in creating ethically-produced and socially-minded collections that inspire, celebrate, and validate the idea of having fun with sustainability. (Because, why not?)

There shouldn’t be a look to sustainable fashion; it's more than a style choice. 



You probably heard us say it before, but we’re gonna say it again:

"Responsibly-made clothing is not a privilege, but an opportunity for all people to feel empowered and celebrated for their individuality."

Everyone should have access to sustainable fashion.

F|S offers a full-range of apparel products and fashion accessories at a mid-range to high-end price point with an option for payment-installments. We want sustainable fashion to be accessible while also acknowledging the hard work that goes into producing a handmade-to-order designer label.


HMTO - Handmade-to-Order Process

FLORAL SEA is a handmade-to-order fashion and accessories label. 

All apparel products and fashion accessories won’t be made until an order is processed and confirmed, which means that we won’t contribute to the $400 billion of excess clothing that is sent to the landfills annually.



It doesn’t matter how many different sizes a clothing brand offers, we believe that size inclusivity needs to be integrated at every level in selling fashion. At F|S, we believe in offering made-to-measure services for both fashion and jewelry.

We recognize that consumers are not able to efficiently invest in their clothing because they are not entirely aware of (1.) their body measurements and (2.) how their individual measurements do NOT equate to one size. The form of our bodies is dynamic; we are uniquely our own in both size and fit.

The standard sizing that is being utilized in the apparel industry is not designed to accommodate our natural bodies entirely; one size does not fit all. When you buy clothing, you invest into yourself in every aspect: physically, emotionally, socially, etc.

Understanding your body measurements is a crucial component in sustainable consumption. Purchasing sustainably goes beyond the product and begins with understanding yourself and your needs as the consumer. The process of building a sustainable wardrobe involves determining exactly how to make your clothes last longer. The longevity of clothing is dependent on the size and fit of your clothing. Therefore, the more your garments are tailored to your size and fit, the more they will last longer.

With a clear understanding of your body measurements, you can improve how you invest in your clothing, successfully practice sustainable consumption, and build the perfect, sustainable wardrobe.

Bonus: A well-fitted fashion piece can enhance not only the look of the person but also the personality ;)



Every fabric print is hand designed in-house and printed digitally from a sustainable fabric printing company based in London, England. Our fabrics are professionally pre-washed and pre-shrunk in order to maintain their integrity and to achieve a true fit for the wearer before garment construction.

Any remnant fabrics are repurposed into new styles and offered in limited quantities as the basis for F|S’s no waste initiative.

Our fabrics include: fluid velour, monroe satin, fashion weight vegan leather, silk organza, and nappa leather (to name a few).



We’re challenging waste culture through the brand’s zero waste initiative, ALTERED x FLORAL SEA. We're here to disrupt the industry with ethical and cyclical design practices that combats any form of waste. 

Our zero waste initiative includes:

ALTERATIONS STUDIO: we provide a studio alteration service for fashion and jewelry. The true definition of sustainable fashion begins with what you already have. Our services will include fashion+jewelry repair and restyling. 

ALTERED X FLORAL SEA❁ FASHION COLLECTION: our up-cycled fashion collection where we repurpose any remnant fabrics, jewelry notions, and materials into new styles and offered in limited quantities as the basis for F|S’s no waste initiative.

FASHION EXCHANGE: our take-back program where you can send back your well-worn F|S apparel, jewelry, fashion accessories (whether damaged, stained, or simply ready for a second home) for a 25% discount off your next purchase on

FLORAL SEA❁ DEPOP STORE: find sample sales, collection archive pieces, second-hand pieces, and studio exclusives on our depop store

GARMENT CARE: learning how to take care of your fashion pieces is very crucial in maintaining a sustainable lifestyle. We provide care information and educational resources on how to care for your FLORAL SEA❁ products. 



FLORAL SEA❁ is a transparent fashion house. We happily invite you into our studio. 

To achieve ethical design practice, we give insight into our studio design processes and manufacturing. 

 Come and check out F|S Fashion House to read more about out design processes.



We mail your orders in packaging materials made from 100% recycled, reusable and biodegradable content. 

Here's what's in your FLORAL SEApackage:

  • Clothes’ and Jewelry Hangtags
  • Inner Packaging
  • A 'Thank You' Card (because we love you so much)
  • A Free Special Gift from our No Waste Collection (because we love you that much)
  • Packaging Tape
  • Outer Packaging 

As our commitment to you, FLORAL SEA is constantly working to improve the processes, methods, and supplies used to create the products and brand experience that you love.