❁Black-Owned Businesses to Support❁

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#ShopBlack Platforms

Website | www.blackownedeverything.co
Instagram | @blackownedeverything
Follow Zerina Akers | @zerinaakers


Black Woman Owned™️
Website | www.blackwomanowned.co
Instagram | @blackwomanowned
Follow Walton Smith | @goesbywalton


15 Percent Pledge 
Website | www.15percentpledge.org
Instagram | @15percentpledge
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Black in Fashion 

Harlems Fashion Row | HFR
Website | www.harlemsfashionrow.com
Instagram | @harlemsfashionrow
Follow Brandice Daniel | @brandicedaniel


HFR Presents ICON360 | hfricon360
Website | www.hfricon360.com
Instagram | @hfricon360


Black in Fashion Council  | BIFC
Website | www.blackinfashioncouncil.com
Instagram | @blackfashioncouncil


Fashion Bomb Daily by Claire Summers
Instagram | @fashionbombdaily
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Fashion Bomb Daily Shop
Website | www.fashionbombdailyshop.com
Instagram | @fashionbombdailyshop


T.A New York by Telsha Anderson-Boone
Instagram | @t.a.newyork 
Follow Telsha Anderson-Boone | @telshaanderson


Black Designers (that we're obsessed with!)

Anima Iris by Wilglory 
Website | www.animairis.com
Instagram | @anima.iris


Christopher John Rogers 
Instagram | @christopherjohnrogers


Eumelanin by Deirdre
Instagram | @eumelanin_
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No Wallflower Project by Henrietta O'Connor
Website | www.nowallflowerproject.com
Instagram | @nowallflowerproject
Follow Henrietta O'Connor | @henrietta_oconnor


Phlemums by James Flemons 
Website | www.phlemuns.com
Instagram | @phlemums 


Instagram | @telfarglobal 


Black in Sustainability 

Sustainable Fashion Forum by Brittany Sierra
Website | www.thesustainablefashionforum.com
Instagram | @sustainablefashionforum
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Black Beauty 

The Lip Bar by Melissa Butler 
Website | www.thelipbar.com
Instagram | @thelipbar
Follow Melissa Butler | @melissarbutler


Pound Cake
Website | www.poundcakecosmetics.com


Black Beauty Tech 

Remane.co | Data-driven Hair Care
Website | www.remane.co 
Instagram | @remane.co


Black Studio Artists

Bisa Butler 
Website |
Instagram |


Black Voices in the Media 

The Fashion Archive by Ayo Ojo
Website | thefashionarchivemag.com 
Instagram | @thefashionarchivemag
Follow Ayo Ojo | @fashionroadman


Black Girl Culture 

Refinery 29 Unbothered | r29unbothered 
Instagram | @r29unbothered