❁Fashion Alterations Studio❁


 Here are some common clothing problems that we can help you with: 
  1. Holes: both big and small
  2. Damage to collars of shirts, coats, and jackets
  3. Opened seams
  4. Damaged lining 
  5. Damaged interlining
  6. Pressing impressions on garment face 
  7. Crushed fabric nap 
  8. Color bleeding
  9. Garment stains
  10. Water spots 
  11. Lint on clothes 
  12. Washed out and faded fabric 
  13. Damaged waistband of skirts, pants, and shorts
  14. Elastic waistband is rolling over
  15. Damaged elastic inside waistband
  16. Damaged pockets
  17. Snagged/scuffed fabric 
  18. Damaged fabric texture 
  19. Misshaped: clothing has gotten out of shape 
  20. Button replacement: lost buttons or chipped/cracked buttons 
  21. Opened button holes 
  22. Damaged and/or lose embellishments and trims 
  23. Broken zipper
  24. Damaged hardware
  25. Seam slippage/unraveling
  26. Hem has come unstitched and is hanging loose
  27. Worn out and torn hem
  28. Beading has come undone
  29. Damaged beading/sequins 
  30. Patches has become undone
  31. Fitting problems