❁FLORAL SEA❁ Studio Polaroid Print: Signature Flower Illustration (2019)


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S/S’2021:FLORAL SEA❁ Signature Flower Illustration, ARCOÍRIS (2019) | Studio Polaroid Print No.000

Discover the FLORAL SEA❁ universe through the brand’s studio polaroid print collection. Printed in-house on Fuji Mini Instax film, our polaroid prints capture in-studio moments of our favorite fashion pieces, textile prints, fashion illustrations, in-progress artworks, and much-much more. Hand-signed with love by our founder, each polaroid print is unique and given as a special love letter from us to YOU ❤️

Adorn your space with the most colorful polaroid on earth at FLORALSEA.CO 🌼🎞️🌈✨


ARCOÍRIS — ❁FLORAL SEA Signature Flower (2019) a color study on the 21st Century color wheel and the 12 color strategies. Hand drawn in copic markers, micron pens, and gold inks on cold-pressed watercolor paper. © Copyright 2019 FLORALSEA, all rights reserved.

Style Breakdown

❁ Printed on FujiFilm Mini Instax Film.

❁ Hand-signed by our founder and creative director with so much love. 


Image Size: 6.2 cm x 4.6 cm

Picture Size: 8.6 cm x 5.4 cm


This FLORAL SEA product is handmade-to-order in limited quantities in a home studio based in Austin, TX. Your polaroid print will take approximately 1-2 days for production and will be shipped soon after that from our home studio.

Depending on the complexity of your order, the processing times will vary. To receive an estimated time, please email us at shop@floralsea.co.


If you have any inquiries pertaining to our products, please email us at info@floralsea.co to retrieve more information. 

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